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Goutte d’Or

A fantasy love story between a deceased pirate captain and the queen of the underworld.

Short, Sweet and Simple. This stop-motion film from Denmark and French is a visually exquisite. Telling a simple story through amazing stop motion, beautiful music and a sense of whimsy.

I particularly love the use of the painterly backgrounds and the detail in the models and puppetry. Animation has such a unique way to tell simple stories without the use of dialogue. Very few live action films can achive this, and  “Goutte d’Or” is one of my favriote examples of this to come out in the last few years.

Christophe Peladan

Christophe has been working as a stop motion character animator for several years in different studios all over Europe including Clayart, Germany and Cinemagination, Switzerland.

Christophe started the preproduction of Goutte d’Or at Folimage in Valence, and is currently filming in the studio at Open Workshop, where his large pirate ship model is attracting a lot of attention. This is Christophe’s first personal short film.

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