“The flame of anger, bright and brief, sharpens the barb of love.”
-Walter S. Landor

Amour Sincère” is a stylized short film with roots in experimental film and music videos. The film explores the relationship between a man and woman, showing the duality of their relationship through a mixture of Argentine tango and Rapier swordplay, to explore the passion of love, anger and how easily one can lead to the other.

This was really my first leap into large-scale production filmmaking as a producer and director. The film took nearly six months of pre-production and development alongside the actors (Meredith Adelaide and Grant law)  and dance choreographer (Ally Yancy). It took countless rehearsals to block the film and teach the actors the necessary skills.
Backed by a team of student filmmakers from Art Institute of Portland the actual production took only two days – a flash compared to the months of prep work.

Today the film reminds me of a fond memory of what you can do with a good team,  collaboration, and creative spark.

Meredith Adelaide
Grant Law

Director/Producer…Rowan Spiers-Floyd
Choreographer…Ally Yancy
Director of Photography…Jacob Rosen
Assistant Director…Colleen Laeger
Assistant Producer…James Pearson
Gaffer…Wiley Parker
Key Grip…Adam Halverson
Assistant Camera…Taylor Wells
second Assistant Camera…James Pearson
Grips…Adam Brunson, Wes Skotko
Production Assistant…Brian Trotter
Story Board artist…Stephanie Woods

Apocalyptica “Nothing Else Matters”