Client Projects

Client:  Fright Town
Product: Commercials
Year: 2014-2017

The first of a series of commercials for “Fright Town” – Portland, Oregon’s largest haunted attraction.  I was contracted to produce and direct their Ten-year anniversary video “Ten Years of Fear” back in 2014. Since that time I have re-edited and produced a new commercial for the company each year.

Client: Gwyllm Llwydd
Product: Online Talk
Year: 2018

Gwyllm Llwydd’s discusses the re-release of Fitz Hugh Ludlow “The Hasheesh Eater” a foundation stone book on the psychedelics in America. Join Artist Gwyllm Llwydd as he talks about the history of the book, its impacts and provides some readings.
Learn more about the artwork and book here

Client:  The Art Institute of Portland Culinary School
Product: Commercial
Year: 2012

I had the pleasure to direct this commercial for the Portland AI culinary school. We focused on Portland’s unique character and foodie culture as a primary draw for the school by featuring farmers markets, food carts, and local events. This was part of a competition for the Culinary school as it was opening it’s new program. This was the winning commercial.

Client:  Catherine Beckett Promo
Product: Commercial
Year: 2017

This is a promo for a local therapist practice. The video acts as an introduction to Catherine but also was designed to give a sense of the space that she works in. The goal, to give new clients to have a sense of familiarity with Catherine and her practice before they come in person.

Client:  Vuezz
Product: Kickstarter Video
Year: 2013

This was a Kickstarter video for an upcoming project called “Vuezz” which was modular print and photography framing system. The goal of the video was to provide context for how the product worked, getting to know the designer and show glimpses of how easy it was to change and use Vuezz in a living space.