“My daughter won’t stop crying and screaming in the middle of the night. I visit her grave and ask her to stop, but it doesn’t help” – anonymous


Inspired by a two sentence horror story above. “Please, Mother”, goal was to be simple, effective and above all misleading.

While I feel the twist of the film itself is a bit cliche as writing goes, I was fine with that going in. Because I wanted to work with that as a challenge. My goal for the film was to lead the audience to assume the worst of our protagonist. To see her in a negative light, as an neglectful or even abusive parent figure. By painting her with common stereotypes connected to that, I wanted my audience to make that snap judgment, and in that allow the ending of the film to transform those preconceived notions, ultimately to change the tone of the film on a second viewing.

Kate Gray
Madi Watson

Producer: Martin Vavra
Director: Rowan Spiers-Floyd
Assistant Director: Martin Vavra
Director of Photography: Adam Halverson
Production Designer: Lauren Ewing
Gaffer: Alex Fulmor
Assistant Camera: Mischa Webley
Hair and Makeup artist: Kameron Gates
Makeup Assistant: Shay Astor
Set dresser: Nicolette Kaestner
Production Sound: Joseph Bertot
Post Sound Mixing: Robert Bury