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Side Kick

Directed by Jeff Cassidy and starring Josh Dallas(“Once Upon A Time” David Nolan/ Prince Charming), Emily Bett Rickards (“Green Arrow” Felicity Smoakand Christian Micheal Cooper (“When Calls the Heart” Timmy Lawson).

Sidekick tells the story  of “A struggling father tells his son a bedtime story to convey an important life lesson.” What struck my interest in this short film was Cassidy explores the Superhero genre as modern myth and perhaps more so as modern Fairy Tale.  Today superheroes are everywhere, the names of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Captain American, Iron Man and their comrades are well versed. Almost everyone can give a basic description of these characters and now more than ever people can even tell you a few their stories. This fact seems to resonate in Cassidy’s film and even drives the imagination behind it.

He marries the visual language of the hero genre with the classic telling of fairy tales (A hero, A princess, a Villain) showing not only how similar these story structures are to one another, but more interesting showing how one is arguably becoming the other.

While I find there is power in the use of this, I found that Emily Bett Rickards role as the “Princess in distress” underutilized her skills and perhaps simplifies the issues of Death and family crisis a bit too much for modern tastes.

That said this short from Jeff Cassidy is great food for thought on the how the Superhero is shaping modern storytelling and makes for an engaging, energetic and touching short film.

Check out this interview with Jeff Cassidy about the film at:

Directed by Jeff Cassidy, whose work includes an 1st Assistant camera on the show “The Flash” and “the Warcraft movie”
You can see his impressive resume on IMDB
ollow him on Twitter @cassidy_jeff

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